MARCUS LEVEL sets out to conquer the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds with innovative concept from ZDF Enterprises

Spanish pubcaster TVE acquired the Free TV rights of video-game themed MARCUS LEVEL (52×13’, targeted at kids aged 6 to 12) for its kids dedicated channel Clan TV. The series from the ZDFE.junior catalogue has also been picked up for Latin America by Turner International Inc. MARCUS LEVEL is planned to air on its Boomerang channel & services, along with the sophisticated online game.

The game has already proven to be a remarkable success in Europe and elsewhere as it is already available for download on the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

MARCUS LEVEL is an unlikely superhero, but when he suddenly finds himself catapulted into his favorite console game “Gorbar and the Valley of the Seven Light Towers,” he has to to do what a superhero has to do: reach the next level! The inventive concept of putting Marcus inside the game and the real hero Gorbar into Marcus’ home is full of exciting pursuits and hilarious situations. Every episode of MARCUS LEVEL takes us into one of the worlds of the Valley of the Seven Light Towers.

The MARCUS LEVEL online game challenges youngsters to explore four worlds through 20 levels with MARCUS LEVEL. The players activate all the boosts to progress faster in the game: they must collect Chokobongos, gather mirror shards, win all the badges in each level and attempt to unlock all the 20 artworks of the Gallery mode… which player can find all the secrets scattered in each world, become the best and win this game?

Fred Burcksen, Executive Vice President and COO, ZDF Enterprises: “This unique video-game themed series uses all the references kids know from their favorite video games, and transposes them into the animated world in a very clever way. Clues are given throughout the series which help kids complete levels of the game, ensuring a perfect complementarity between the linear and interactive components of the property.”

Christophe Goldberger, Managing Director, GoldBee: “We are very pleased to contribute to the success of Marcus Level, and the ZDFE.junior catalogue in the region. The familiar theme of the series resonates with kids all over the world”.