GoldBee and Sardine Productions launch new comedy series ToonMarty at MIPJUNIOR

Barcelona – Montreal – September 20, 2016 – Distributor GoldBee and Canada’s Sardine Productions bring a brand new slapstick comedy series to MIPCOM. Directed by Sean Scott (Jimmy Two Shoes,), ToonMarty (40×11’) is an original commission by Corus Entertainment for TELETOON Canada.

In the middle of Toonville, where all cartoons live, sits the Toonmart, where all cartoons hang out. As the Number One (read “only”) employee there, Marty believes his job is to stick his nose in everyone else’s business… And there’s no business Marty likes better than somebody else’s business, except maybe show business! With every bend, bounce, flip and spin, Marty makes a great big cartoony adventure out of everything, and includes everyone in his Marty-Party!

International distribution (except Iberia and Latin America) is handled by GoldBee’s Christophe Goldberger. “ToonMarty turns every cartoon trope on its ear. It’s a great combination of physical and smart comedy. Inspired by classic cartoons and superheroes, the series is very much in the spirit of today: a freewheeling and irreverent good time!” says Goldberger.

Ghislain Cyr, President, Sardine Productions: “ToonMarty is an animation studio’s dream series. It doesn’t get any cartoonier than this!”

The property is generously supported by The Bell Fund, The Canadian Media Fund and The Shaw Rocket Fund.