Talit Communications also on board

Barcelona – Montreal – January 22, 2019 – Nickelodeon International is adding adventure-comedy series “Chop Chop Ninja” (40×11’ + 40×1.5’) to its Nickelodeon line-up in a number of territories.

The series began airing across Nickelodeon networks and platforms in Southeast Asia in November, and will roll out this quarter in other territories, including Italy, the Middle East and Africa.

In a separate agreement, “Chop Chop Ninja” was picked up by Israel’s Talit Communications to broadcast on its Junior channel. The agreement covers linear PayTV and SVOD rights.

Produced by Montreal’s Sardine Productions & Gamerizon Studio, “Chop Chop Ninja”was originally commissioned by Corus Entertainment for its French and English Teletoon networks and successfully premiered on both in Canada last October.

Christophe Goldberger, GoldBee’s Managing Director: “The mobile-based property started as a popular series of 10 app games. It has grown to now include non-verbal slapstick fillers (40×1.5’) which have sold in over 120 territories, and two online games which are licensed together with the series. We are very happy to have Nickelodeon International and Talit Communications on board with this fun and light hearted series.”

Ghislain Cyr, President of Sardine Productions, and Producer of “Chop Chop Ninja”: “It is with pride & joy that our latest series has been picked up by Nickelodeon and Talit Communications. We could not ask for better partners to take the Chop Chop Ninjas to the homes of our international audience.”

“Chop Chop Ninja” follows the exploits of rookie Iro and his three best friends at the Ninja Academy. From fighting baddies to mastering the ninja art of stillness, Iro applies ninja technique, attitude, and most of all heart, to everything he does.

They are called upon to defend the Academy, the City of Rizon and worlds beyond from any wrong doing. Because Iro and friends have not completed their training yet, their journeys, and how they are dealt with, are often silly and light hearted. Throughout their adventures, they will discover the true values of being a great Chop Chop Ninja.

The series was produced jointly with an interactive online game “Chop Chop Ninja Academy” where kids have to rescue Master Enoki from captivity. The players can choose between the four ninjas and explore different “Chop Chop Ninja” worlds all while defeating baddies along the way.

The property is supported by the Bell Fund, the Canadian Media Fund, the Shaw Rocket Fund, the CPTC and the SODEC.